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Do you need a Mastery Tutor?

Is your child struggling with math, writing, reading, spelling or other school subjects? Has your child been reported to have a learning problem, or to be at risk of being held back? Has your child lost confidence or begun to dread school? This does NOT mean he/she cannot learn. It means that his/her learning needs have not been met...YET.

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A home tutor will prevent school problems from growing over time so your child is able to move ahead with confidence and mastery. Enlisting a private tutor can make all the difference, now and for your child's future.

Mastery In Home Tutors will hand-select the right in-home tutor to work one-on-one with your child, building on how your child learns best. Boy doing math homework.When children learn through the engagement of their own minds, their success improves dramatically.

Mastery Tutors have given the gift of understanding and school success to hundreds of children. They can and will help your child too, starting this week.


“Mastery Tutors are the very best. From the very first day, Ms. Simendinger was organized, efficient, and professional. She took a personal interest in Christian, not only as a student, but as a person. Christian immediately began to show progress and passed his EOG test. We highly recommend Mastery Tutors.”....Bob & Kim in Denver, NC

“I would like to thank Jo Ellen for a job well done. Mykee has made phenomenal progress. It has been a pleasure working with such a professional group of dedicated educators. I wish we had found you sooner. I highly recommend Mastery Tutors.”....Geri in Cornelius

“You folks are great! Todd was having problems in math and had been diagnosed as dyslexic. We had some very specific requests in the tutor we needed, and you came through. Amanda was just what Todd needed. Her expertise gave Todd his confidence back and put him on the path to success. Thanks Mastery Tutors.".... Karen in Mooresville

OMG!!!! The light has come on! I am so proud of Constance. I can tell that she has been working hard. Her reading is now on grade level(maybe slightly above for this point in the year) and she is growing quickly in fluency! Her confidence level has jumped as well, which is helping her in other content areas! She flew by the other students today in math as we where skip counting by 2, 4, & 5! I guess with the tutor, your help at home, Mrs. McKee, & myself it is all coming together! I am so proud I could cry!!!....Teacher, Ms. Jackson

Armani is doing very well. He tested at 93 wams on his fluency test. He also was chosen by his class as "Terrific Kid of the Month" for his determination. Since he started with 32 wams last fall, we are so proud of him. He begins his reading program in a couple of weeks, and we are going to continue to read every day. We'll certainly keep in touch, I want Armani to exceed the expectations set before him. He will probably need your help with preparing for the EEOC test. I want him to start that preparation early in the year. Thanks for your interest in Armani.... Sandra Washington (grandmother)

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What Makes Mastery Tutors Different?

Learn what sets Mastery Tutor's apart from the competition, discover the unique approach to your child's academic success, that gets results.

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Write a note to Dr. Carolee for free comments about your child's learning challenges, and what is needed to turn these around for school success and restored confidence.

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Mastery Learning: The Power of 100%

Mastery Learning is a process of building strength on strength, using the power of 100%. When we build a building, we understand that each block must be solid and strong before another block is laid on top of it. We build a strong foundation before we add the solid framing. Then we build strong walls before we add a solid roof. Mastery Learning is the same. By fully mastering each concept before moving on to the next, each new block is firmly supported by the solid blocks beneath it.

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The opposite is also true. When full mastery of a concept is not achieved before moving on to the next, new blocks are added to shaky foundations, and what follows makes less and less sense. When mastery gaps develop and are not filled --- in math for example--- that subject becomes more and more overwhelming.

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Learning Your Way: Learning Styles RULE

Learning is an active process that takes place in the mind of the child. How information gets into the child’s mind, and what happens to it once it gets there, is a function of the child’s learning style. There are no “right” learning styles. What is right for one, can be wrong for another. But the only way that works for a particular child is to learn THEIR way.

A one-on-one tutor can work with a child's individual learning style, adapting to it to ensure that the child does learn, and learns completely. Building on learning success, a tutor can build the child's confidence in his/her own abilities. Equally important, a tutor can help the child understand his or her own learning style in order to carry forward his learning success into the future by knowing HOW to learn.

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Using Learning Assessment to Guide Tutoring

Assessments (also called "tests"----shhhhh!) are feared and dreaded. But there is a very good “why” for the use of assessment. That reason is to discover what has or has not happened yet in terms of learning---to find the edge. An experienced tutor can put assessment results to work to guide the future learning plans for each student.

For an assessment to be useful to guide a tutoring plan, it needs to be flexible. It also needs to be low threat, low stress. It needs to take into account the complexities of individual needs and learning styles. And it needs to point to “what happens next”.

Mastery Tutors Learning Assessments are created child-by-child, and adjusted to fit the child and the situation through a one-on-one in-home interview. The value to be gained from an in-home assessment is:

  • To find the learning edge.
  • To find the missing blocks of learning.
  • To find any misconceptions that are impeding the learning process.
  • To find how the child’s mind works.
  • To find the child's passion and learning wants.
  • To find where there are disconnects that need to be closed.
  • To determine the learning style of the child.

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